How RouteBasic helped Cannakiss scale with live package tracking

How a cannabis delivery company used package live tracking to scale operations during COVID-19.

How RouteBasic helped Cannakiss scale with live package tracking

Cannakiss, an online marijuana dispensary based in Vancouver, offers postal distribution of high-quality cannabis products throughout Canada and same-day delivery services in the Metro Vancouver region.

Business challenges without live tracking

In their first year of operations, Cannakiss delivered an average of 15 to 25 packages per day. The website accepted orders until 2 p.m., and dispatchers manually organized a delivery route each afternoon. Drivers were paid per order based on a manual count at the end of the day. But as life in 2020 took a dramatic turn, weed delivery order volume skyrocketed. With a 100% increase in orders from February to March alone, manual once-a-day scheduling was no longer sustainable.

While Cannakiss always provided general delivery information, dozens of customers started calling each day to check on the status of their package or ask for a specific delivery time. Customer service agents had to check in with drivers, disrupting their deliveries and leading to longer call times.

Real time delivery tracking gets customers their cannabis delivery faster


Using RouteBasic's route optimization feature, Cannakiss can bundle packages by geographic area and assign them to local drivers for multiple deliveries each day. Built-in tools automatically track each driver’s deliveries and their relevant pay, eliminating the need for a nightly tally while streamlining both payroll and customer service. Rather than having to call customer service, clients can now track their own packages with a real-time driver map, so they know exactly when their packages will arrive.

Live package tracking and proof of delivery in the RouteBasic app


Cannakiss now starts its cannabis delivery at 11 a.m. and can accept orders until 8 pm, allowing more customers to receive packages faster. With revenue growth of more than 200% in the last two fiscal periods, the team increased from two drivers at the end of February 2020 to 18 by the end of April and now includes third-party couriers to meet demand. The hours saved configuring driver routes, calculating pay, and responding to customers’ delivery queries now go to sourcing new products for ongoing growth and providing personal customer service that breeds repeat business.

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